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Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo

About the Queen, Contest Information &
Visiting Royalty Information


Katie Donnelly
Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo 2024

Katie Donnelly was crowned the 2024 Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo on May 4, 202, receiving a saddle sponsored by Woodlake Lions Club, a crown and buckle, and other prizes! 

Katie is a 20-year-old Agricultural Business major at California State University, Fresno where she has ambitions of becoming involved in Agricultural Sales and Marketing. Katie was born and raised in the heart
of California, and is proud to represent the rich, western heritage of Tulare County.

She loves sharing her passion for the sport of rodeo with young ladies. Katie firmly believes that we are the future of rodeo and aims to educate the public about the western way of life, while developing tomorrow’s rodeo fans. One of her goals as Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo 2024 is to keep our strong western tradition alive in Tulare County by connecting with our youth in the classroom.


Throughout the coming year, Katie will represent the Woodlake Lions Rodeo and Woodlake Lions Club at professional rodeos throughout California and at local community events. Katie also looks forward to representing Woodlake Lions Rodeo and Tulare County next year on the Miss Rodeo California stage.


For more than a half century, Woodlake cowboys have paid tribute to young horsewomen in our community by crowning an annual Rodeo Queen. Barbara Ainley, from Three Rivers, was crowned as the first Rodeo Queen of Woodlake in 1949.

The Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo contest is held annually to select a young lady to serve as a positive role model representing the Woodlake Lions Club and Woodlake Lions Rodeo throughout the year at the Woodlake Lions Rodeo, at professional rodeos throughout the California Circuit, and within the local Woodlake and Tulare County community. After competing in three contest categories (Horsemanship: 50 percent; Poise, Personality & Appearance: 25 percent; and Ticket Sales: 25 percent), the newly-crowned queen receives a saddle, crown, belt buckle and sash. Prizes are also awarded to all category winners and runner-ups.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Willing and able to fulfill all of the “queen’s responsibilities” during her reign

  • Single, never married, without children, and have not had any children previously

  • Never previously held the title of Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo

  • A minimum of 16 years old, but not older than 24 years of age as of the date of the initial orientation meeting


The Woodlake Lions Rodeo Queen Committee works with the contestants each year in the contest categories, preparing them not only for the Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo competition, but for future contests at other rodeo associations.

Applications for the Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo contest are available the first week of January each year. If you are interested in representing the Woodlake Lions Rodeo as our official royalty, please follow us on Facebook or visit this page to download the application. 

2024 Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo Contest Date:
Saturday, April 20, 2024, 10 a.m., Woodlake Lions Rodeo Grounds

The 2024 Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo Contest will begin with the Poise, Personality & Appearance portion of the contest, which includes modeling, impromptu questions, and reciting of a cowboy poem. Horsemanship will follow immediately after, consisting of rail work (equitation), execution of a reining pattern, and a queen salute.  Note: Contest schedule and location may change due to rain.  


Rodeo titleholders are invited to join our 2024 Queen Court at the 69th annual Woodlake Lions Rodeo, May 11-12, 2024!  Fill out the form linked below by Wednesday, May 8, and we'll see you at America's Most Beautiful Rodeo Grounds, for Woodlake's Mothers Day Weekend tradition!  

Barbara Ainley.jpg

Barbara Ainley

The first Miss Woodlake Lions Rodeo, circa 1949

1949 – Barbara Ainley

1950 – Frances Jean Wells

1956 – Linda Pardue

1957 – Pat Chappell

1958 – Monica Robinson-Pizura

1959 – Carolyn Chappell

1960 – Jeannie Fultz-Vonkonsky

1961 – Dorothy Moore-Peck

1962 – Linda Ragle-Barter

1963 – Joan Ferry-Smith

1964 – Cynthia Hansen

1965 – Jackie Horton

1966 – Gayle Diamond

1967 – Linda Keller-Sankoff

1968 – Candy Mann

1969 – Barbie Ruth

1970 – Kathie McGill-Hargrove

1971 – Patsy Sanchez

1972 – Donna McGee

1973 – Anne Dudley

1974 – Cindy Furman-Redfearn

1975 – Cindy Randell-Robinson

1976 – Desiree Longbotham

1977 – Susie Sanchez-Medina

1978 – Cathy Davis

1979 – Kim Van Fossen

1980 – Joy Sweeney-Aiello

1981 – Donna Wells

1982 – Julie Johnson-Hawes

1983 – Danielle Mayer

1984 – Valerie Hayward

1985 – Debbie Costa

1986 – Kimberly Joramo-Melancon

1987 – Joanna Herrera-Howard

1988 – Erin Suzy Sweeney

1989 – Monica Rodriguez

1990 – Sara Crumly-Taylor

1991 – Melissa Wood

1992 – Rebecca Vincent

1993 – Fidela Rodriguez

1994 – Pamela Wood-Konishi

1995 – Trisha Whiteside-Perez

1996 – Heather Warren

1997 – Nakoma Roberts

1998 – Tami Tarbell-Lea

1999 – Andrea Whiteside-Searcy

2000 – April Tyler

2001 – Corrine Ainley-Manes

2002 – Alisha Nelson-Perret

2003 – Kara Morris-Fanning

2004 – Audra Ainley-Wyngarden

2005 – Kendra Burkheimer-Abercrombie

2006 – Crystal Hasson-Grimmer

2007 – Alex Cervantes

2008 – Mindy Garrison

2009 – Jennifer Murphy-Tilley

2010 – Tarah Rowland-Baker

2011 – Justine Day

2012 – Matlyn Matta-Hoffman

2013 – Amanda Lawrence-Willis

2014 – Markie Hageman-Jones

2015 – Cierra Wittig

2016 – Morgan Moisi-Ross

2017 – Kelsey Story

2018 – Chloe Boling

2019 – Ellie Hilvers

2020-21 – Macie Kulikov

2022 - Allyssa Blaswich

2023 - Madison Williams

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